Algebra 2 Syllabus

Math teaches us that there is every reason to believe that every problem has a solution. 

Teacher: Ms. Jackson
School Phone: (510) 300-1560 X 120 (leave a message)
Course Title: Algebra II
Course Overview:
Algebra 2 curriculum focuses students on creating multiple representations (tables, graphs, contexts, and rules/equations) of functions and relations and on finding connections among the ideas they are studying.  Students will use problem solving strategies, questioning, investigating and explaining in conjunction with their previous knowledge to analyze problems and formulate solutions for a variety of  functions, and their inverses. This course will move at a college-prep pace and it is imperative that students keep up with all classwork and homework assignments in order to be successful.
For every unit, students will take an individual End of Unit Test.  Students will be allowed to retake any Unit Test once.  Students will also have weekly or biweekly Quizzes that are directly aligned with the CCSS.  Students may do Quiz Corrections for a Concept quiz in which they can earn up to half of their missed points back towards their final grade.  At the end of each lesson, students will complete a Lesson Check to self-assess their learning, to determine if extra help is needed. Students will be assigned homework throughout the week. Every Friday, students will be given a Homework Quiz that will reflect problems from the week’s homework.
Grading System: You will be graded on an A, B, C, and N.C. (Not Complete) scale (IA does not issue D’s or F’s) for your assignments in our class. You will be assessed on the following:
*Any assignments completed with pen will not be graded*
Formative Assessments: 20%
Homework Quizzes
Daily Materials
Notebook checks
Group work assignments
Content Assessments: 40%
Lesson Check
End of Unit individual tests
Student presentations
Individual student reflections.  Metacognition.
Performance Assessments: 40%
Performance Assessments
College Success Portfolio Projects.
Angry Birds
College Loan Debt
Course Outline:
Unit 1: Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities; Unit 2: Functions, Equations, and Graphs (Linear Review); Unit 3: Quadratic Functions; Unit 4: Polynomial Functions;
Unit 5: Exponential Functions; Unit 6: Statistics and Probability
Required Class Materials
3 ring 1” Binder with 5 dividers
College Ruled Paper
Graph Paper
Students will be assigned homework throughout the week. Every Friday, students will be given a Homework Quiz that will reflect problems from the week’s homework.  
Late work will not be accepted.  If a student is absent they may submit the work that was due when they were absent the day they return or the following day.  If there are extenuating circumstances for the absence the student should speak to me immediately, in person with a parent/guardian note or via email from your parent/guardian.
If you should have any questions about your assignment, I will be available 30 minutes after school, everyday except Wednesdays.
You are responsible for getting the notes from the class binder or a classmate. Extra copies will be located in the blue ABSENT bin.
Make-up work will NOT be discussed during class time. Please make arrangements to remain a few minutes after class. You are responsible for submitting this work, I will not ask you for it. You MUST complete a “Missing Assignment Log” and attach it to the FRONT of your late assignment.
Should you miss a quiz or test, you must attend Office Hours to make it up. If you cannot stay, you must make arrangements with me, after class.
Bathroom Passes:
Upper Division students will only be permitted to use the bathroom during class 8 times per semester.  Students will only be allowed to go to the bathroom if they have their planner with one of their 8 bathroom passes available.  UD Students are advised to take care of the bathroom needs during breaks or during lunch.
Students receive participation credit for attending class on time, bringing their materials (pencil, paper, etc.), participating in class (either in a group/individual/share-out), and taking notes.
The first time any student is caught cheating on a homework assignment, a quiz, or test, a ZERO will be given, and the student will be referred to the assistant principal for parent contact as well as further punishment.
Office Hours:
Tuesdays after school from 3:50-4:30.  I highly urge students to utilize my office hours as this course will move at a college-prep pace and the content will be challenging.

Class Expectations
To ensure the safety of my students, we will use the Behavior Management Plan and the Code of Conduct in my classroom.
Behavior Management Plan steps:
Step 1:     Verbal Warning.
Step 2:     Teacher Intervention (Proximity, Mini-conversation, Redirection, Step Outside, etc.)
Step 3:      Detention
Step 4:     Removal from class with Referral